Mixma is an American-owned furniture factory located in Guadalajara, Mexico. We specialize in the custom production of furniture, architectural elements, and design objects. 

What kind of items can you make?

Case goods, wood furniture, wrought iron, hammered copper, modern steel or aluminum furniture, upholstered goods, custom rugs and textiles, leather cushions and upholstery, leather furniture, outdoor furniture, custom tile, terra cotta, concrete, marble, stone, hand carved solid stone objects or furniture, mirrors, and more. If you have a project that includes some type of production that we have not done before, we will prototype it .

How Much is Shipping?

The average cost of ground shipping is around $600 per pallet, or $3,000-$6,000 per full truckload/40ft sea freight container, depending on the final destination. All shipments are packed in custom-made wood crates.

Where are your products made?

Production occurs in Mexico.

Where do you ship?

We ship to the U.S.A, Caribbean Islands, and Europe. 

Do you ship to projects in Mexico?

On occasion we do service projects in Mexico, however that vast majority of our production is dedicated to projects in the USA.

Do you have a catalog or sample kit?

We do not have catalog of items for purchase, however products from past projects may be commissioned upon request. At the beginning of any project and throughout its course we will ship customized sample kits which include proposed material samples for the designers approval.

Do you provide special pricing to interior designers, architects, contractors, brick and mortar stores, or e-commerce retailers?

Our pricing is volume based. 

Where is your distribution point?

Laredo, Texas.  

Can I schedule a tour of your factory?

We offer factory tours to clients on appointment.

What is the lead time?

The lead time varies greatly depending on the type of product being produced and the quantity, but generally falls within a 3-12 week window. 

Do I need to pay sales tax on my purchase?

We only collect sales tax on orders shipping within certain jurisdictions. Interior designers and other clients that submit resale certificates are not required to pay sales tax.