Explore new woven palm seating

Meticulously crafted in Mexico

Explore new woven palm seating

Meticulously crafted in Mexico

Explore new woven palm seating

Meticulously crafted in Mexico

Nearshore Manufacturing in Mexico

MIXMA is a product development studio that works with furniture designers, interior designers, and architects to transform conceptual designs into finely produced product collections. We work in a wide variety of ways using both traditional and high-tech production methods to execute any potential furniture design in a high quality and innovative way.

Fine Wood Carpentry

Sustainably sourced wood species. Meticulous attention to detail.

Worldwide Logistics Management

MIXMA owns and operates a logistics and shipping company, also known as a 3rd party logistics provider (or 3PL). Most buyers of furniture products (and furniture factories) rely upon 3PLs to handle their shipments. 3PLs add anywhere from a 20-40% commission on top of the overall shipping costs. Our logistics company is unique in that it only serves one client - MIXMA - which means that your shipment will always be the top priority. Utilizing our logistics company is always free and you will never pay a markup on shipping fees.

Precision Stone Fabrication

Realizing the most challenging product designs using a combination of digitally fabricated stone combined with old world craftsmanship.

Fine Art and Sculpture Production

MIXMA works with a variety of high end galleries, designers, artists, and creative minds to execute the impossible. Quietly serving some of the worlds finest galleries, high end art shows, and design exhibitions. Our work has been exhibited in the following publications and shows.

Elevated craftsmanship

A team of craftsmen with multigenerational experience in the production of high end furniture, interior architecture fabrication, metalworking, and stone.

Mixma Studio

5 de Mayo 1884
Zapopan, Jalisco