Elevated craftsmanship

A team of craftsmen with multigenerational experience in the production of high end furniture, interior architecture fabrication, metalworking, and stone.

Nearshore Manufacturing in Mexico

MIXMA is a product development studio that works with furniture designers, interior designers, and architects to transform conceptual designs into finely produced product collections. We work in a wide variety of ways using both traditional and high-tech production methods to execute any potential furniture design in a high quality and innovative way.

Worldwide Logistics Management

MIXMA owns and operates a logistics and shipping company, also known as a 3rd party logistics provider (or 3PL). Most buyers of furniture products (and furniture factories) rely upon 3PLs to handle their shipments. 3PLs add anywhere from a 20-40% commission on top of the overall shipping costs. Our logistics company is unique in that it only serves one client - MIXMA - which means that your shipment will always be the top priority. Utilizing our logistics company is always free and you will never pay a markup on shipping fees.