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Copyright Notice

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Furniture Designs

The furniture designs shown on this website are for illustrative purposes only. The design rights for the furniture displayed on our website may belong to independent furniture designers. These designs are showcased with the intent of demonstrating the potential collaborations and craftsmanship capabilities of Mixma Studio LLC. The reproduction, replication, or ordering of any furniture designs displayed on this website without the explicit consent of the original designers is strictly prohibited.

Proprietary Technique: Glazed Lava Stone

The proprietary glazed lava stone technique, showcased and utilized by Mixma Studio LLC, was invented and developed by Chris Kinlaw. This unique technique is a significant innovation in the field of furniture design and is a trademark process of Mixma Studio LLC. Any unauthorized attempt to replicate, copy, or use the glazed lava stone technique developed by Chris Kinlaw for MIXMA will be met with serious legal action to protect our intellectual property and innovation rights.

Use of Site Content

The content on this site is provided for informational and promotional purposes only. It is not intended for commercial reproduction or use without prior written consent from Mixma Studio LLC. Unauthorized use, copying, or distribution of any material from this site for any commercial purpose is prohibited and may violate copyright and other laws.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about this copyright notice, or if you seek permission to use any content or to inquire about the furniture designs, please contact us directly at:

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