Marble Dessert Bar

  • Client - Mauro Pompili and Manunya Sittisuntorn
  • Location - West Village, NYC, USA
  • Designer - Bradley Bowers
  • Scope - Furniture, Architectural Fabrication, Millwork, Tile
  • Completion - 2019
  • Press - AMNY

MIXMA collaborated with designers Bradley L. Bowers and Tristan Ewald to produce Marble Dessert Bar, a brand new dessert destination in Manhattan’s West Village. Everything in the interior of the space, which began as a stripped down shell in a historic townhouse, was manufactured by MIXMA - including terrazo tile, powdercoated steel barstools, marble plates and serving boards, signage, millwork, marble countertops and kitchen surfaces, steel kitchen furniture, and a 25ft long serpentine solid steel bar structure. All of this was produced directly in Mexico and shipped in one truck, which allowed the restaurant to be completely built-out and finished within 3 weeks.

Marble from Turkey was imported by sea for digital fabrication in Guadalajara by MIXMA. Digital fabrication, by way of a cnc waterjet machine, was used to ensure the marble countertops of the kitchen and customer facing areas met the exact specifications of the designers architectural plans. Once the pieces were cut out by the cnc machine, we hand carved and polished the edges to create a smooth rounded lip on the underside, providing a nice tactile sensation for the patrons.

Custom plates were fashioned from the same lilac Turkish marble, and were finished on the underside with a smooth polished lip.

Upon walking in the front door of the restaurant, customers are greeted by a 25ft long serpentine solid steel bar with a marble top. Due to the constraints of the narrow space, a typical wood framed bar structure was not possible, so MIXMA worked with the architect to devise a 6,000 pound support structure made of solid steel plate rolled into a precise curvilinear shape.


Custom barstools were made in a similar language to the bar structure, with a special metallic purple powdercoat color to evoke the high end dessert theme.